Thursday, 5 October 2017

FA Build a Bear

We went to Build a bear to choose our mascot for our class. The children chose a dragon from 3 bears and named her Daisy.  We made wishes on  hearts which were put inside her and filled her with fluff. We made the bear promise and gave her dragon superpowers. We had such fun!

Daisy Dragon will come home on a weekend adventure with a child every. Daisy Dragon chooses children that have been kind, helpful, listens well and  tries hard. Please can you write up about Daisy's adventures when she comes to stay.

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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

All about me

This term our topic is all about ourselves and to link with this the children have been involved in many different activities. For instance the children started the term by painting pictures of themselves, which are now displayed in the nursery. The children also drew pictures of their themselves and their families, looking closely at the different features a face had. 

We also had some fun too and printed off large photos of our faces and with a whiteboard pen we drew onto these. The children loved adding glasses onto their faces or turning themselves into pirates by adding an eye patch and beard. 
Even the adults enjoyed this activity and had some great creative ideas :)

Pizza faces

To link to our topic "All About Me" the children have made pizza faces. They were given they choice of what ingredients to use on what feature of the face. For example sweetcorn for hair, peppers for a nose and tomatoes for eyes. All the children were able to add something to the pizza and once cooked it was enjoyed for snack.   

I think you will all agree with me that the pizzas look Yummy
and I can tell you they were!

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Class FB Trip to Stover Country Park

The children had a wonderful day at Stover Park today. They went bug hunting in the woods and then made some beautiful pictures using natural materials. After a lovely lunch the children went pond dipping. We caught some 'water boat-men', a newt, several 'whirligig' beetles and some blood worms. At the end of the day the children had had a lovely and tiring time.